Dutch Academy of Image Creation

Did you know that nearly 70% of Dutch teenagers experience stress and can’t even talk about it?

Four students from the Dutch Academy of Image Creation in Venlo decided to organise a photo exhibition, PRESSure, to specifically adress this issue.

28 grams of happiness
Curated by Justine Kontou

“By creating multi-sensorial experiences to enhance the well-being in spaces,
my goal is to create an environment that’s soothing and comfortable for it’s users. By letting them experience the positive effects of art and
nature, they are stimulated to enter into their natural strength.” - Justine Kontou

Tijs Rooijakkers

Spore dives into the 2D/3D world of Tijs Rooijakkers (1975). Although he is better known for his big 3D installations, he leaves many to wonder how they come about? Where does he get his inspiration? Before becoming colossal, his installations are born through drawings. Spore gives an insight on his work process and his everlasting research on form, movement and material, which represent the base of his work and helps bring his installations to life.

The World is my Playground
Curated by Justine Kontou and Kathelijn Voets

The exhibition ‘The World is my Playground’ curated by Justine Kontou, offered visitors the chance to experience the visionary view on the beautiful world around us seen through the eyes and expressed by the hands talented artists.