Galerie KRL is now closed and will not reopen its doors once life its normal again.

It has been an honour to built this gallery and these expositions.

Thank you for all the support over the past years. 

Karina & Henri

Stilled Life

Stilled Life is a composition, a perception of space, of time. Stilled Life is not a “still life” as we have been taught. Stilled Life actively creates a stillness in the life of visitors as they reflect on their surrounding and capture a moment in time. 

28 grams of happiness

“By creating multi-sensorial experiences to enhance the well-being in spaces,
my goal is to create an environment that’s soothing and comfortable for its users. By letting them experience the positive effects of art and nature, they are stimulated to enter into their natural strength.” Justine Kontou

Dutch Academy of Image Creation

Four students from the Dutch Academy of Image Creation in Venlo decided to organise a photo exhibition, PRESSure, to specifically adress this issue.

Past Events