Lorena Miguel


Lorena Miguel is a Product Designer from Spain. Motivated by and interested in materials and working with her hands and self-production, she moved to the Netherlands in 2011, where she worked in the Nacho Carbonell studio in Eindhoven for five years, experimenting with materials and techniques and creating the pieces for the collections. She currently works as an instructor in the plastics workshop at the Design Academy Eindhoven and at the Beeldenstorm metal and glass foundry, as well as a freelancer designing and producing prototypes and objects for other designers but also her own collections.

Selected Works


Fragil Vases

These  tumbler ceramic vases balance by their own weight and do not fall. Also waterproof.



Ceramic plates designed, to create a pattern of colors to reflect a geometric shape when stacked.


Skin Print Stools

Embroidered leather with skin patterns created from sitting on a textured chair, on the beach, or when you wake up.