Michael McCready


Michael McCready is a designer-maker from Glasgow, Scotland, with an interest in tactile and experience-driven design. After finishing his studies in Glasgow, he moved to Eindhoven in 2011 where he worked and trained in the surrealist world of Studio Nacho Carbonell. Later Michael moved to Vilnius, Lithuania and started his own studio where he works on his own limited edition products as well as industrial design consultation and large scale manufacturing projects.


Michael has a keen interest in natural materials and gravitates towards objects with a core metal element. He really loves the qualities of metallic materials and the diversity of them as well as their history. He is also fond of craft processes such as sculpting, casting as well as traditional fabrication.

Selected Works


Mesh No. 1-001

Mesh Lamp Collection - Two or more lightbulbs are custom-made and one-of-a-kind. 


Pink No. 2-001

Brass Barrel Lamps Collection - Lamps made from pink, green brass


AMO Brass Lamp No. 1-001

AMO Brass Lamp Collection - Only one light bulb - hand-made from steel and brass