Stilled Life named in Best from Dutch Design week 2019 by FRAME magazine!

Stilled Life is a composition, a perception of space, of time. Stilled Life is not a “still life” as we have been taught. Stilled Life actively creates a stillness in the life of visitors as they reflect on their surrounding and capture a moment in time. 


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, everything feels like a race against time. We are constantly overloaded with information, images, content, and somehow, we become slowly numb to what surrounds us.


Stilled Life, by Rive Roshan, strives to help us stop for a moment and create our own “stilled life”. The designer-duo hopes that visitors will open up to stillness, mindfulness and calmness as they take in the space and take time to reflect. Reflect on our surroundings and ourselves, reflect on the calming effect of stillness, or even just welcome a blank mind.


Rive Roshan, composed of Ruben de la Rive Box and Golnar Roshan, is known for working with rhythm, reflection, colour, materiality and movement as they try to capture an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Their intention is to show how Art & Design have the power to evoke positive feelings and inspire progressive ideas within people. 


Stilled Life is a beautiful organic continuity of their work and philosophy of experimenting with textiles, colour, light, reflection and materials. The duo is fascinated and constantly amazed by the wonders of nature and find their inspiration in natural phenomena. Once again, they impress the visitors with their “stilled” motion art/design pieces and installations recently created for this solo exhibition. Each of the pieces give the impression of continuous movement: light reflecting on colour shift panels; movement captured in a collection of 3D sand printed pieces, including a stilled chair, vases, mirror and tables. giving the impression of rippling water and movement, as they stand on a body of still water, and finally, carpets take over the floor and walls giving way to the sea. They too, in their own way, create motion and animation throughout their stillness. 


A complete multi-sensory experience accompanied by visual wonder, sound, scent and touch Stilled Life offers a haven to visitors where time seems to elude them and where they create their own “stilled” moments before continuing on.


There is one condition to enter Rive Roshan’s world. Visitors must take off their shoes to fully experience their beautiful progressive world and enter this sanctuary.


October 19 - 27, 2019

Exhibition to continue through November 23, 2019

Meet the designers: Rive Roshan


Rive Roshan is an experimental design studio working on the cusp of graphic, interior and product design. The studio is run by Dutch designer Ruben de la Rive Box and Iranian-Australian designer Golnar Roshan.

The studio explores innovative use of materials to design tactile, flexible and engaging products for a mobile generation.

A deep interest in colour, texture and materiality leads to an aesthetic of raw beauty. Rive Roshan also works on commissions. In the past the two partners have designed for Tord Boontje, Tom Dixon, Hyatt Hotels, Wedgwood, Marcel Wanders and others.

Rive Roshan’s work has been on show at Les Musée des Arts Decoratifs Paris, Powerhouse Museum Sydney, Shanghai Museum of Glass among a range of Design exhibitions around the world including Milan Design Week, Maison & Objet, Istanbul Design Week and London Design Festival.

Golnar and Ruben are also founders and creative directors of graphic design studio Design&Practice and co-founders of design collective Form&Seek.