Tijs Rooijakkers

03-2013-van Abbemuseum-Eindhoven.jpg

Between 0 and 1

If I don’t feel like doing anything, I doodle... preferably with a brush and black ink on whatever is near.

When I enter a space, to build an installation, I look around. Then the creative process starts: forms come to life in my head, and start shaping themselves to fit the new environment.

As a human being I am always busy with the past and the future, but both don’t exist!? What I love most is researching processes, structures and cycles - preferably unconsciously.  All that is between 0 and 1. Between nothing and something. That’s when and where it really happens. Between nothing and something. Between the history and future. Metamorphose is the only constant part of existence, that is my main interest. How do things become what they are? How do they get their shape? To what extent can I speak of “free will” regarding my work? What really triggers me? Sometimes it feels as though I am God, master of the drawing that I am making. But more often I feel like I am just a tool servicing creation.

Sitting on a chair

In the past, I was enlisted in the army. And with that came night shifts. On some of those nights, there was nothing to do but wait. So, I would challenge myself. I would try to sit on a chair and do nothing. Just sit there, do nothing as long as possible. Impossible. I always noticed sooner or later, I was already out of my chair doing something and at first, not even aware of it. Just like an impulse that takes you into the bubble, outside consciousness, and makes itself master and generates the energy to take action.

Fooling yourself

During my studies at the Art Academy, I did a lot research on religion, ethics, and other subjects of the belief system. With the results from this research, I created my very own and abstract numerology system. But after a while I realized I could always adapt the theory so that it always worked. Of course, this is not the ideal way to go about it, but it felt great to believe in something and to give it a value, an importance. But this, is all lies. Foolishness. Fact is, it is very important to believe in something, anything, and then be able to invest yourself in it and canalize energy into it.